Top 7 Adventist Apps for the Android and iPhone

As Adventist we know that there are very challenging times ahead of us consisting of plagues, natural disasters, wars and even persecution. We also know that knowledge is suppose to run to and fro right before these times of trial. So let’s take this time of boot camp and use the resources that we have at hand so that we can be able to be a more effective witness during those times of tribulation and better at sharing the love of Christ today.

The following apps are for android and iphone devices. Just go to your app store and download them. All the apps talked about are free except number 5.

1. ps MyswordmsPocket Sword (iPhone)

Lets start off this list with a good Bible App. You want a Bible App that can download the whole Bible so that you won’t need internet connection when trying to read the word. Also look for one that can download a concordance so that you can look up the meanings of different words. Split screen is also beneficial when comparing different translations.

2.egwEllen White

Of course one would need the powerful Ellen G. White App! Download every single one of her books and also compilations while using its powerful fast search engine!

3.sabSabbath School Quarterly

The Sabbath School Quarterly is a must for those daily devotions and early Sabbath services with the ability for you to enter in and save your comments.

4.afAmazing Facts

Ready to dig deeper? Amazing Facts has their own app for you so that you can listen to Bible Answers Live, read their small books on difficult subjects on interesting topics and many other ministry tools.

5.studyStudying Together

Are you a Bible worker or do you have you had some tough questions come up while sharing your faith from the Sabbath to hell not burning forever? Mark Finley has written a book that has been made into a very good app to help you out called “Studying Together”.

6.sdahAdventist Hymnal

There are a million Adventist Hymn Apps out there. Find one that suits you. Paid versions usually mean you dont need internet connection.


Last but not least is the 3abn App. It provides all of the channels such as the Dare to Dream channel, Sun Beam for the kids and my favorite Proclaim streaming to your phone!